West 6th St. Sales and Specials


WE HAVE Reason to Celebrate: It’s the 1 year ANNIVERSARY at our W. 6th St. store and to top it off it’s St. Paddy’s day. Everything in the store at least 15% off

  • Pre-Rolls 15% off
  • Vape Cartridges 15% off
  • Flower 15% off
  • Shatter and Resin 15% off
  • Bigger savings on our Hemp Clearance items up to 25% off

Hemp Clearance 20% to 25% off Our current inventory of Hemp Based products must go before April 1 to meet new OLCC requirements.

$4.20 Gram specials:

  • Headband- Sativa Hybrid 16.76% THC
  • King Tut #2- Hybrid- Indoor “B” Buds 16.42% THC
  • NY Diesel- Sativa Hybrid- Indoor “B” Buds 19.35% THC
  • Decibel Farms Hybrid- “B” Buds 14.9% THC
    FLOWER OF THE DAY 10% off

  • BUDTENDERS CHOICE: Stop in to see which two strains our Budtenders choose
  • CBD Heavy Flower (AC/DC & Cannatonic)
      Here are some basic CBD benefits:

    1. Promotes ease, calmness, and positive sense of well being
    2. Pain relief
    3. Gentle upbeat mood
    4. Mental and physical relaxation
    5. Clear-headed and focused, no change in cognitive function
    6. Slightly sedative
    7. can be used to balance out the high produced by psychoactive THC.
    Clearance Shelf 15% to 30% off select items;

  • Canna Corn Infused Caramel Corn 20% off
  • Chalice Peppermint Bark Chocolate Bars 20% off
  • Pumpkin Spice Truffles 20% off
  • Medical Gron Bars and Bites 30% off (must be OMMP card holder)
  • Drinks (remaining stock of CBD and THC infused soda) 30% off
  • CBD powdered Drink Mix 15% off
  • Chalice .5/gram Vape Cartridges 20% off
  • Quill Disposable Vapes 25% Off

NOTE: Must be 21 Years and Older. Do not drive under the influence of Marijuana.