Columbia River Herbals features THREE specials daily. Our 15% DAILY DEAL; plus 10% Featured Vendor and 10% Off Flower of the Day. Our Daily Deals remain the same each week and are listed below. Featured Vendor and Flower of the Day daily and will be posted in the store.

  • LAZY “J” SUNDAY 15% off; all pre-rolls and Pre-roll packs, infused pre-rolls and pre-packaged pre-roll material
  • MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY 15% off; Sativa Dominant Flower. Sativa is generally uplifting to help you get your week started.
  • T-&-T TUESDAY 15% off; Topicals and Tinctures. Includes Lotions, Rubs, Bath Bombs and Salts, Balms, RSO products and a wide selection of Sublingual Tinctures.
  • THRIFTY THURSDAY 15% off; Indica Dominant Flower. Think of “In Da Couch” Indica is a great way to start mellowing out for the weekend
  • FLAVORFUL FRI-YAY 15% Off; Something different every week; but you can be sure it will some of the best tasting products on the market; check our Daily Deal because it could be Cartidges, Edibles, Pre-rolls, Dabs or something entirely new to the store.
  • SHATTERDAY/DABBER-DAY 15% off; Dabs and Dab Rigs. Shatter products like Diamonds, Terp Sugar, Crumble, Pull-N-Snap and other popular Dabs. Dab Rigs include; Dab Pipes, Honey Straws, Silicone Dab Straws, Nails, etc,