Flower of the Day


  • Cherry Pie- Sativa Hybrid 18.93% THC—$12.50/gram
    Cherry Pie’s effects have been known to come on in minutes and stick around for a couple hours. Effects range from a heavy relaxation to a happy head high that is euphoric.
  • AC/DC- High CBD Hybrid 15.2% CBD–.7% THC— $13.00/gram.
    ACDC is a sativa dominant strain, very high in CBD. With a THC/CBD ratio of about 1:20, this strain induces no psychoactive effects. ACDCs CBD which helps many patients treat pain, anxiety, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and the negative effects of chemotherapy, all without intoxication.
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  • Chalice Truffles Creamy Coconut
  • Chalice Truffles Raspberry Habanero
  • Chalice 1:1 Toffee CBD Toffee Bar
  • Wyld Strawberry CBD Gummies
    This Weeks $4.20/gram special:
  • West 6th St: Blue Magoo- Indica Hybrid–16.08% THC
  • East 2nd St: OG Kush- Hybrid–14% THC
  • * Note: Quantities are limited.

    ***No additional discounts given on $4.20/gram flower special.


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