Daily Deals

    Our location at 609 E. 2nd St. will be closed for Remodel, Redesign and Re-imagination starting March 1st.
    Please visit our store at 2630 W. 6th St. (Next to Motel 6 in front of Coastal).


    It’s Wana Wednesday 10% Off Wana Gummies, Hard Candy Jewels and Salted Caramels
    Golden Vape Cartridges 10% off
    Rebel Spirit Pre-Packaged 1/8th (3.5grams) 25% off
    FLOWER OF THE DAY 10% off

  • BUDTENDERS CHOICE: Stop in to see which two strains our Budtenders choose
  • CBD Heavy Flower (Cannatonic)
    $4.20 Gram specials:

  • THC Bomb 14.79% THC
  • Decibel Farms Hybrid- Outdoor “B” Buds 14.9% THC
  • Shishkaberry- Indica Hybrid 16.96% THC
  • C. Land- Sativa 16,8% THC

NOTE: Must be 21 Years and Older. Do not operate a motor vehicle under the influence of Marijuana.